2010-08-21 48 -121

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Sat 21 Aug 2010 in 48,-121:
48.0014348, -121.7931139

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The Point[edit]

The point at 48.001434, -121.793114 looked to be just a few yards to the side of a forestry road in Snoqualmie National Forest, and all Google maps indicated easy access. An expedition was formed and set out.

The Participants[edit]

AeroIllini and Alex.

The Expedition[edit]

Our first attempt was made at a turnoff on Woods Creek Rd. The sign at the turnoff indicated that we were headed into Camp Pigott (owned by the Boy Scouts) but we forged ahead anyway. Once we reached the camp, the road we needed to take was marked with a large "Do Not Enter" sign and we were forced to turn around.

We continued down Woods Creek Rd. a few more yards looking for another route to Monroe Camp Rd, but were stopped by a road barrier a mile or so off Woods Creek Rd.

For our final attempt, we circled back around to the other side of Lake Roesiger, and drove up Monroe Camp Rd. as far as we could, but once again ended up staring at a "Road Closed" sign.

Later analysis with a Google Maps distance measurement tool revealed that the point was about 9.5 miles farther down the road from the closest point we achieved.

The Result[edit]

Failure to reach the point. We should have brought 2 days' worth of hiking supplies and a sherpa.