2010-06-10 48 11

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Thu 10 Jun 2010 in 48,11:
48.1830694, 11.7989760

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On a corn field, North of Poing.



DerFlob and The_T-Man started this geohash quite early to avoid being confronted with the high temperatures that were to be expected later that day. While DerFlob cycled to Berg am Laim and from thereon took the S-Bahn, The_T-Man rode his bike about 5 or 6 km to Feldkirchen to save some money on tickets. On his way there, he was delightfully surprised to observe a helicopter of this type land right next to him on a parking lot at Truderinger Str. At Feldkirchen he joined DerFlob's train and the two went to Poing. From there on, they had to walk through a residential area where everything was named after flowers, past a large construction site and a pond with a lot of noisy frogs in it to get to the exact location, which was in the middle of a corn field.