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2010-06-06 48 -123

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Wenslayer & son

Sun 6 Jun 2010 in 48,-123:
48.4635608, -123.3294087

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[edit] Location

See Active Geohasher page for this Geohash.

1611 - 1693 Milgard Avenue in Saanich (Victoria). Basically just east of Shelbourne, south of Mackenzie.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

I saw this Geohash on Friday morning, realized I'd totally have it in the bag, since I have to be a mere 5 minutes away on Sunday morning, so no problemo.

I printed out the Geohashing poster from Active Geohasher site for this expedition.

[edit] Expedition

It was such a nice day the day before that I had hoped to reach the coordinates while on a longish bike ride. However, Mother Nature's PSYCH! (rain) left me with little choice but to reach the coordinates while vehicle-enabled. So I dropped my girls off at their art class, and then took my son to the coordinates. We got out amidst the rain, walked half a block to the coordinates, took a few pictures and then off we went. Oh, but I did leave the Geohashing poster in the tree (must remember to bring a tack or pin in the future) for passer-by's and/or the neighbours to see.

Alas, a rather low-key expedition.

[edit] Photos