2010-05-24 48 11

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Mon 24 May 2010 in 48,11:
48.2688117, 11.8833120

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South of Erding, on a field



DerFlob and The_T-Man again met at The_T-Man's place to start this expedition due to its good connection to München's public transport network. They took the S2 suburban train to Aufhausen, which is a small suburb that is located south of Erding. From the train station, they had to walk for about 1 km first along Schlossallee (the German equivalent of Monopoly's Boardwalk, tempting The_T-Man to make silly jokes about the local houses and hotels) and then through a farm, until they reached the field where the point was located. Unfortunately, there were young sprouts, so the two geohashers approached the hashpoint with appropriate caution. Since the train station was not frequented very often, especially on public holidays, they stopped on their way back take a little break and have some ice cream until their train back home arrived.