2010-05-13 60 9

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Thu 13 May 2010 in 60,9:
60.5004698, 9.4701942

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In the mountains (there is even a hill called '...fjell' nearby) north of Flå.




  • Overcast skies, one day of holiday, a car to take care of, and a fresh curry in my lunchbox. I think it is time to go geohashing! -- relet 10:54, 13 Mai 2010 (GMT+02:00)
  • A toll station! And I have no coins. I guess that's a good excuse to start walking. 6.2km one way. -- relet @60.4457,9.4591 12:49, 13 Mai 2010 (GMT+02:00)
  • connection loss inbetween
  • Fail. Too much snow which does not carry at all. :P Or maybe I am just getting lazy. -- relet @60.4955,9.4687 15:22, 13 Mai 2010 (GMT+02:00)