2010-05-05 44 4

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Wed 5 May 2010 in 44,4:
44.1295687, 4.0390298

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As in a text message from Danatar:

Wed 5.5.: 44 4 is 3km W from Ales (cathedral!) between the villages St-jean-du-pin and Auzas in the forest next to the road.



Plans? We did not even have a map!

I had asked Danatar and davidc to text me coordinates while we were in France. Yes, I am a sucker for redundancy. Thanks a lot to both of you. :D


  • We followed the signage to Alès, which is a decently sized town.
  • From there on, we followed compass directions to the hash.
  • Our first approaches ended at private driveways about 3.1km from the hash.
  • The final approach is the road of the common wood - cf. the google map view in the tracklog section
  • From there, it was just 1.2km, and there were paths through the forest
  • ...which ended at the river.
  • ...so we followed the river.
  • It meandered, as rivers like to do, so we took a few shortcuts through the brambles.
  • Southern French undergrowth is pretty dense, as there is not much overgrowth to steal the sun.
  • We approached the hash with every step, but we could not see the road Danatar mentioned, and it got dark quickly.
  • We aborted the mission about 150m from the hash, when we would have had to leave the riverbed (again) to climb a steep cliff through more brambles.