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2010-04-25 50 -1

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Sun 25 Apr 2010 in 50,-1:
50.9440030, -1.0453958

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[edit] Location


[edit] Participants

  • mulebeatsdrums - this will be my first hash so it would be lovely if someone else comes to show me the ropes.

[edit] Expedition

The short version is: I didn't make it.

The long version is: I didn't make it due to these defining factors:

  • The chain on my bike having an inability to stay on (might need a tune-up as it's first usage it's had this year)
  • The legs on my person having an inability to pedal (definitely need to cycle more; appalling stamina levels)
  • The sudden realisation that 12 miles actually means a 24 mile round-trip (again, need cycle training)
  • A domestic situation I'd rather keep to myself
  • The fact that no-one else was intending on going so I was only letting myself down.

At the point where I turned round I thought I might get home and drive there, but that would be contrary to the nature of the sport, so alas another failed hash attempt by me. I'll get there eventually.

-- mulebeatsdrums

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