2010-04-24 41 -73

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Sat 24 Apr 2010 in Danbury, Connecticut:
41.3983182, -73.2645639

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East of Danbury



I went geohashing the previous day, and I was beat. In the morning, I happened to check the hash for the day, and it just happened to lay in the same town I'm in! A chance I could not pass up. So I grabbed some friends after work, and headed to the point.


So the hash happened to be 1000 feet from a common road, and 2000 feet from a high security prison. (If it was 10 more feet south, it would have obtained the "No trespassing achievement".) We traveled through back yards and around a swamp, but made it to the point. We then went to the park and played ultimate Frisbee.

Sadly, I forgot my camera, so I cannot prove anything...