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Hello! My name is Joshua Milas and welcome to my page. I live in Newtown, CT and i'm in the "Danbury Graticule" at 41, -73. I decided to try and start geohashing.

Lol-asg.png 24 / M / 41,-73

The first geohash im going to try is this friday (April 23rd, 2010), Ill tell you how it goes!

Edit: It was great! look to the page here for more info

I will be planning another hash soon, ill update this page with more info when i find out more

[edit] Geohashes

Amenia, New York

[edit] Achivements Earned

Deep Horizons earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (41, -73) geohash on 2010-04-23.
Deep Horizons earned the Drag-along achievement
by reaching the (41, -73) geohash on 2010-04-23.

Joshua Milas

Last updated on April 23 2010