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Sun 18 Apr 2010 in Landshut, Germany:
48.8919619, 12.4373027

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In a field north of Radldorf.


I knew this one would likely be inaccessible, but it was close enough to the route I wanted to use on a little cycle trip anyway. After getting off the train at Radldorf at around 8:30, I did a little detour and had a look at the hash. It was a field with fresh tiny crop plants starting to grow on it. Guarding the field track just ahead of the hash was the body of an old motor, probably left there by the farmer. I also saw hares and some deer on the next field.

Afterwards I headed south through the Laber valley (yet another river called Laber) and then across a few hills and forests to Niederviehbach on the Isar river, to visit some relatives and then return home by train from Wörth via Landshut in the evening.

Panorama at the hashpoint