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2010-04-05 50 11

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Mon 5 Apr 2010 in 50,11:
50.8796675, 11.2561088

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[edit] Location

In the forest near the village of München (Muenchen) (in Thuringia, near Bad Berka and Kranichfeld).

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition: Juja and Ninjas

Today I was going back to Jena, and as I did the way by car it was fairly easy to drop by at this geohash. In fact it could have been a nice afternoon walk, but the orks did their bit and destroyed the whole forest of Muenchen. We drove to the point where the road was closed and walked from there, but it wasn't really nice, very muddy, and everywhere there was that huge tractor skidmark, so two of my ninjas didn't even agree to come with me and one was not amused. Anyway, we reached the point. Hooray.

[edit] Expedition: Reinhard and Manu

Reinhard felt the need for some more cycling this long Easter weekend and since Manu and he were going to travel back to Erfurt from Manu's parents, it was a good chance to visit the München geohash on the way. As they wanted to do the last part of the way together, Manu gave Reinhard a competitive edge of little more than an hour and followed with her car. The wind was supporting Reinhard's ride, so he did the 65 km to München within two hours and had some spare time which he used for checking out part of the way to the hashpoint. He then slowly cycled back towards Tannroda, but didn't get far until he met Manu. They put the bike into the car and with Reinhard leading the way through München Manu drove on to the dead end where the bar had also stopped Juja from driving on. (Manu and Reinhard didn't know that Juja also went to that hashpoint.) From there they did the short 1 km walk to the hashpoint, which ended with the same 300 m struggling through the ork-destroyed forest. Not noticing any signs of previous geohashers, Manu and Reinhard (with their little companions Simon, Simone and NanoLE, of course) walked back to the car and drove on to Erfurt.

[edit] Achievements!

Juja, Manu and Reinhard earned the A Tale of Two Hashes achievement
by having their challenge met by DerFlob and The T-Man in München on 2010-04-05.

[edit] Photos

Orks at work. All the way was looking like this.  
Destination reached. Probably.  
Entering München.  
Did you know there's a train station in München?  
From there we had to walk.  
Yes, Manu and Reinhard have been there, too (compare with photo 1).  
Manu and NanoLE.  
Coordinates reached.  
There we are, at the hashpoint.  
Simone (grey), Simon (orange) and NanoLE (yellow and blue).