2010-04-04 50 10

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Sun 4 Apr 2010 in 50,10:
50.5553332, 10.9117472

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In the forest close to Schönbrunn barrage in Southern Thuringia.



While Juja wanted to take her car to the foot of the barrage and do the remaining 4.5 km with her old bike, Manu and Reinhard decided to cycle the whole way which was about 17 km each direction.


While Manu and Reinhard were getting closer to the barrage they got overtaken by a honking car in Schönbrunn. Turned out it was Juja with her bike in the trunk. So Manu and Reinhard were getting to the parking lot where Juja was already reassembling her bike. After wishing Juja a happy birthday they continued altogether. First, they had to climb the steep road to the top of the barrage's dam and then they continued on the eastside of the lake. At some point Juja decided to leave the road and take a forest path which went close to the hashpoint. Reinhard decided it might be more clever for Manu and him to stay on the road for a while and cross the forest for a shorter climb due to their road bikes. It was about 300 m to climb from the road spot closest to the hashpoint and it appeared to be very strenuous. The forest was penetrable, but it was just quite steep and hard to walk up there with a bike at one hand. Of course, Juja was much faster and had already found the hashpoint, so she could direct us by blowing her birthday party noise maker. Being at the hashpoint, Reinhard took a big box out of his backpack and Manu gave it to Juja. Another geohasher appeared after Juja had unpacked – it was a bunny! For the return they took the much better forest path and again the road around the barrage and departed at Juja's car.


Juja earned the Birthday Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (50, 10) geohash on her 25th birthday, 2010-04-04.


Reinhard shot a video while cycling around the barrage. Watch it on youtube. Quality is a bit trashy, but you get a feeling.


Meeting Juja at the foot of Schönbrunn barrage and wishing her a happy birthday.  
Map of the barrage.  
Juja fixing her brakes.  
Climbing to the top of the dam.  
Arriving the top.  
Manu and the bikes.  
Manu and Reinhard (waiting for Juja).  
Juja arriving.  
Cycling around the barrage.  
All of us.  
View to the water.  
Starting the climb.  
Geohashing bikes should rather be lightweight.  
Struggling through the forest.  
There we go.  
Hashpoint reached within accuracy.  
Juja celebrating.  
Benjy and Frankie celebrating.  
Manu handing over the birthday present.  
Juja obviously was delighted.  
And couldn't wait to unpack the present.  
It's an Easter hash rabbit!  
The company standing close to the hashpoint.  
Riding back on the forest path.  
And finally getting back on paved ways.