2010-04-01 48 -123

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Thu 1 Apr 2010 in 48,-123:
48.4900747, -123.5103400

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Just off Millstream Road where it intersects with Lost Lake Road, about 4km north of the Costco in Langford.



I had planned to simply bike there after work, turn around and then head home.


I left work about a quarter to five, with ominous skies threatening. About 10 minutes into my ride, I felt the first drops and thoughts of abandoning the expedition. But no! I needed a workout anyway (I've committed to doing the Whistler Gran Fondo in September), and so I pedalled on. The rain came on, but it wasn't until I started north on Millstream Road where the water had started accumulating on the road and so that's where I start getting a nice rooster tail up my back. After a few kilometres, the road really quiets down and you feel quite "out there". The rain also let up to intermittent drops.

My GPS compass swung around to let me know I had briefly overshot the location, so I U-turned, and parked my bike against a telephone pole. I was within 20 metres of the spot from the road, so I scrambled up into the forest to locate the position, took some photos (including of the intersection), and continued on my way.

I had thought I would simply retrace my steps afterward, but I got a crazy idea to sort of "Tron" it and continue north on Millstream Road to West Saanich and then head home. Keep in mind I hadn't been on Millstream road this way in over 10 years, but I recalled there were some pretty tight corners and steep hills. I recalled correctly. Going over one particularly steep hill, I had to stand up while pedalling in my lowest gear for what seemed like 5 whole minutes, and disappointingly had to take a breather.

I didn't quite know the way, although I had a hunch. Fortunately, I ended up making a wrong turn for the better: I ended up onto Munns Road, leading me back to Burnside -> Helmecken -> Wilkinson and then on home. I was pretty pooped, and my calves were tightening up (cold rain on bare legs), so I'm glad I took the shorter path home.

A hot shower at home to defrost my numb feet was just the remedy I needed.


Tracklog is available here [KML].