2010-03-27 52 4

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Sat 27 Mar 2010 in 52,4:
52.1100009, 4.3358874

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The mission to rescue the graticule[edit]

The Amsterdam graticule was in decline. There had been no hashes since the ruthless de-activation of the graticule by ReletBot. The people were desperate. Many feared that the graticule would be lost for all time. Now, finally, someone decided to fight back.


This saturday's hash was located in a pool in the dunes of Wassenaar. Surrounded by green fields and a small sand beach, the pool looked quite idyllic (judging from the satellite image). Although it would be difficult to reach the exact hash location while keeping dry feet, the beach seemed like a perfect location to wait for like-minded people to show up.


Our action hero diligently prepared his mission. He studied the map, sketched a route to the target location and even estimated distance and travel time.

Unfortunately, there were two important preparations that our action hero neglected to do. He did not read the wind section of the weather forecast. Otherwise, he would have known about the 5 bft head wind that now caused him to arrive 10 minutes late and completely exhausted.

Secondly, he did not investigate the status of the target area. Otherwise he would have known that the apparently idyllic pool was in fact a synthetic pond on golf park Groendael. He could also have guessed that the whole area was fenced off like golf parks usually are.


  • Our action hero arrived at not quite the right place,
  • at not quite the right time;
  • did not meet any like-minded people;
  • through attempting and/or planning an expedition re-qualified the graticule as Active graticule.

Mission accomplished. Hurray for the graticule!