2010-03-20 52 13

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Sat 20 Mar 2010 in 52,13:
52.5666126, 13.3418089

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Car park at the corner of a graveyard in Reinickendorf. Quite close to an expedition last year.



  • davidc plans to be there if it's not too miserable. 3pm?


I arrived at the hashpoint at 17:45 after trying unsuccessfully to find a nearby geocache. The coordinates were on the pavement next to a carpark for the graveyard, on the easterly flightpath to nearby Tegel airport. I didn't leave a poster as it was rather too public and manky.

Nothing particularly interesting about this one. After the hash I headed through the graveyard in the vague direction of some geocaches, but was foiled by the fact that it was three separate graveyards in a huge complex and you couldn't walk through. I picked up two caches but the third, on the roof of the shopping mall (from which I took the photo of the plane landing at Tegel) was unreachable due to the fact that there was a pervert loitering at the coordinates in the otherwise empty carpark for at least an hour and a half.