2010-03-09 48 11

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Tue 9 Mar 2010 in 48,11:
48.3006762, 11.4916585

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In the Southern parts of the village of Ampermoching, North of München and just about 4 km from the train station in Hebertshausen.




A nice little detour on the way back from a work-related visit to a town near Rohrbach (Ilm). Geohashing is such a great excuse for routine-killing activities.


Nice walk. The spot was in someone's garden. I came close but didn't reach the exact coordinates.

Zb's boss-assigned duties of talking tech stuff with nice folks at one of his company's suppliers in a town in the Hallertau were done even earlier than expected. A friendly co-worker dropped Zb off at the train station in Rohrbach and Zb decided that perfect sunshine was yet another reason to not take the direct route back to München. Instead of just staying on the train all the way home, he changed over to the local train in Petershausen and got off at Hebertshausen, from where it was a walk of less than 4 km to the coordinates. Despite the really cold wind blowing from the East and the exact spot being inside of a private garden, this expedition provided all the necessary ingredients for a nice afternoon.