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Sat 16 Jan 2010 in Nürnberg, Germany:
49.0419401, 11.9914098

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In a field in the Naab valley, north of Etterzhausen.

dawidi with Tomcat and Hans[edit]

We met around 15:00, in a parking lot in Etterzhausen and walked the last kilometer or so to the hash along a snowy field track, which appears to be rather well frequented by people walking their dogs (as in, watch your step).

The hash was 50m into the field and easy to pinpoint. After taking the usual pictures, we made our way back because even though the temperature was just slightly below freezing the wind cooled us very quickly.

The location was notable for being the second geohash this winter to fall within shouting distance of one of dawidi's geocaches in this valley. (We didn't visit that cache today because it is on the other side of the river and going there would have been quite a detour.)

Tomcat also came up with Cold Mountain Dance, an interesting alternative use of the group pictures he took. :-D

Panorama at the hashpoint