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2010-01-04 43 -96

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Mon 4 Jan 2010 in 43,-96:
43.0479720, -96.4291881

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[edit] Expedition

Expedition page contained:

[edit] Josh K

  • Distance traveled: 18.5 m (.25 on foot)
  • Coldest Temp: -18F

This was my first attempt at getting a "I am better than you" achievement. The estimated low was -21F for the night, as seeing as it gets the coldest right before sunrise lately. I decided to leave for work about an hour earlier than usual.(06:00 instead of 07:00) I should have brought a thermometer with me, but wasn't thinking until I got to the hash. My phone said -18F when I finally arrived shortly after 07:00, and a check at [1] show it to be -18.4F or a -28C. While I do have pictures of my GPSr and me at the location, I have none to show the temperature.

URL of my trip: [2]

I think I got it!