2009-12-18 33 -84

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Fri 18 Dec 2009 in Atlanta:
33.6859387, -84.3018737

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Almost in a parking lot of a golf course near River Hills Georgia.



I took a long lunch and took the kids to see SCUBA Santa at the GA Aquarium. Swimming must be very good for Santa, as he appeared to have lost a ton of weight!

This hash seemed like a cinch (so easy even a Slacker™ could do it), so after lunch, I braved the near-flooding conditions to reach the coordinates, which were a few meters off a parking lot for a municipal golf course. I tried to come up with a good marker for the hash, but it was raining to hard to do much, SORRY!!!



I have a travel bag that I put my eTrex GPS, Camera, extra memory cards, my data cable for the eTrex and my flashlight in. I left my office about 5:30 heading for the Geohash spot.

With it raining heavily I knew traffic was going to be real bad. I passed 2 wrecks on I-75 as I made my way into Atlanta. I then inched my way onto I-20 heading east. I follow the Google directions to the hash spot.

I make it to the hash spot about 6:45 and I park in the parking lot instead of the side of the road. I walk back about 70 feet or so until the eTrex is pointing directly into the woods. With it very dark, I walk into the woods with the ground very wet. I find the hash spot with 2.42 feet to go.

I reach in my travel bag for my camera and it isn't there. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I had left my camera on my computer in my office. I had taken the camera out to upload yesterday's pictures of my expedition and was so busy today that I didn't get a chance. I forgot to grab my camera on the way out of work.

I used the flash light to look for any type of marker that LuxMundi might have left and I didn't see one at the hash spot. I walked back out to the road and looked for some type of mark there. It was raining far to hard for a chalk mark to be left.

I walked back to my truck just to make sure that I didn't leave my camera in the truck. No luck.

I have the the Tracklog should anyone question today's Geohash.

I didn't wait around any knowing that it was probably going to take me an hour to make it back North to Norcross and also since I knew that LuxMundi had already made it to the hash spot today. That makes him no longer a Slacker!

I then made my way back to Norcross.


NWoodruff earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 8 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-12-11.