2009-12-11 34 -83

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Fri 11 Dec 2009 in Toccoa:
34.0234427, -83.9177402

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On someone's house out west of Woodland Springs Georgia.



I drove out to this hash spot after work. I went a round about way to get there as google directions again had faild me. I eventually found the subdivision that the hash point was at. I pulled up to the house that the Goehash point was on.

I got out and walked up to the house. The house had interior as well as exterior lights on. I was expecting someone to be home. I knocked on the front door and rang the door bell and waited. I could hear a dog barking. I waited some more.

I knocked again and waited. and waited. I probably waited about 2 minutes before deciding that nobody was home. Standing at the front door, I was already 24 feet to go and inside the required 10 meters. I decided to walk around to the side of the house to see if I could get any closer. As it turns out the hash point is on the house.

I walk back to the front of the house to the front right corner of the house looking at it from the street. 16 feet to go. That is as close as I could get without going into the house.

Even if someone was home, I don't think I would ask to enter someones house just to get closer. Maybe one day I will ask just to see if I can.

I settled on the front corner of the house. I took a few pictures than then went back to my truck.

I then drove home to Norcross following almost the same exact directions I took to get there.



NWoodruff earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 1 consecutive hash points starting on 2009-12-11.