2009-11-01 48 12

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Sun 1 Nov 2009 in Landshut, Germany:
48.8439523, 12.0992964

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In a field near Paring.


Continuing from my expedition to 2009-10-31 48 12, I cycled through Saalhaupt and then through a couple of dark, sleeping hamlets to Paring, and arrived at the hashpoint - just your basic average field - at 1:00. Until I got to Paring, I had tried to hurry, so I could reach the last passenger train from Eggmühl to Regensburg at 1:07, but since I couldn't possibly do the remaining 7 kilometers to the station in under 10 minutes, I decided for plan B - cycling all the way back instead.

There was a cold, eastern wind blowing over the field, so I didn't stay there too long. I had brought some cake, but one in the morning isn't really a time where I feel like eating, so I got myself back on the road and decided to continue to Eggmühl before worrying about the way back. I had not made any detailed plans for the return route by bike and had to ad-lib it from the OSM/topographic map and rudimentary knowledge of the area. Which is something very risky to do at 2:00 in the morning, 25km from your home, but luckily, it worked out well.

Once I realized I was 5km south of 2009-07-02 48 12, I decided to stop following the automatic routing, headed for Wolkering instead and when I got there at 2:45, the automatic route suddenly agreed with my plans and indicated less than 14 km remaining, routing via the former military training range at Oberhinkofen, Unterisling, and Regensburg's southern business district. I arrived at home at 3:40, "only" two hours later than if I had caught the train.