2009-10-23 51 12

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Fri 23 Oct 2009 in 51,12:
51.0450971, 12.3009777

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After Reinhard successfully tested his knee and his new bike headlight the day before, he looked forward to cycle to Manu from Jena to Leipzig on Friday evening after work. The hashpoint on that Friday was perfectly located: It was not far from the direct way, it seemed to be on a road in the town of Meuselwitz and it offered Reinhard the possibility to explore and track some new roads. Altogether it was 104 km with the first half kind of hilly (600 m ascent) and the second half flat. The weather was good today: No rain and many dry roads, some fog and not too cold.

Reinhard started at 17:40 in Jena and arrived at the hashpoint at 20:05 after 64 km. In deed, the hashpoint was on the middle of a small road without any traffic. Reinhard quickly took some photos and rode on towards Leipzig. After a while he crossed the industrial area in Böhlen-Lippendorf with its two big cooling towers which dominate the landscape south of Leipzig. You always see those towers and the huge clouds they produce when you drive to Leipzig using the Autobahn A38 and can also see them from exposed sites within the city. Reinhard did his best to take a nice photo of one of the cooling towers when he passed them at a distance of about 100 m. He wished he had a wide-angle lens! Then he rode on to Manu, but was stopped by a flat tire he got at his rear wheel, when he hit a sharp edge in the pavement. He thought about calling Manu to fetch him with her car, but then thought, it would be quicker to change the tire (getting dirty hands) and cycle the last 10 km. So he did and finally arrived Manu around 22:15.