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West of -30°: .5367191, .5148327
East of -30°: .7327743, .0995415
Globalhash: 41.899377586342, -144.1650478844 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico Redaragorn, 3 yr old son On a ridge southwest of the San Mateo Mountains, approached by a drive on 4...
Los Lunas, New Mexico Redaragorn, 3 yr old son Off a "road" near the southern end of the Manzano Mountains on Tierra Grande...
Atlantic City, New Jersey GreenSquirrel On Clarks Landing road, directly on front of the wildlife management area.
Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn A very cold, very wet parking lot behind a warehouse in South Bound Brook, ...
Quad Cities, USA zentiggr, his truck. 1244 Lincoln Road in Bettendorf is today's target... the point is in the fr...
Ursviken, Sweden Silver, Korny conveniently located halfway between both our workplaces (Silver at the hos...

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