2009-10-15 34 -106

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Thu 15 Oct 2009 in 34,-106:
34.5367191, -106.5148327

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Off a "road" near the southern end of the Manzano Mountains on Tierra Grande land.



We were headed south to go camping anyway, and I saw that this one wasn't so far off the highway as to be unreasonable. At least I thought it would be relatively quick and easy. I knew it would be dirt roads to get out there and back, but I decided to try it anyway.


It was simple enough to get through Belen and over the river, but I wasn't super sure where to turn off to get there. I trusted the GPS directions and they got me pretty close, but I could tell when I got within a mile or two that some of the "roads" it thought were there really weren't. Or at least weren't much of a road. The last mile was a very bumpy track with a medium-fun arroyo crossing. We got within a few hundred feet and got out to walk over to the hash point. The spot wasn't much to look at, but at least it was a beautiful day! The drive out was uneventful and we were on our way to our next adventure...the ToC hash!


Check out the GPS track here.