2009-10-01 52 -0

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Thu 1 Oct 2009 in 52,-0:
52.2291655, -0.1952627

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While planning the 2009-09-30 52 -0 expedition the previous day, I noticed that this hashpoint was about 1km off the route back home, on farmland. Since thepiguy and srs0 were in the country, I thought I would go and see if it was accessible, in case they fancied a visit the following day. It wasn't too far from home, so if it was accessible I planned to come back the following day as well.


Briefly (this will be expanded later...), the hashpoint was indeed accessible, and I managed to reach it and take some photos.

However, pi and srs0 decided to go elsewhere the following day and I ended up not having time to make another expedition, so none of us actually visited the point on the correct day!


Will follow.