2009-09-30 52 -0

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Wed 30 Sep 2009 in 52,-0:
52.0357456, -0.4944536

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This hash appears to be on common land, or possibly a field, in the village of Ampthill, south of Bedford. It is hoped that (at least) four geohashers will converge on the spot at approximately 4:15pm.


  • Benjw is coming by car from Cambridge, as the trains are rubbish.
  • thepiguy and srs0 are coming by train from London.
  • davidc is planning this to be the third stop on a multihash.


  • Meet at Flitwick station at 4pm.
  • Meet at the geohash soon after that.


davidc was unable to make it as he spent the morning in Cardiff and, with two hashes on the way, couldn't make the meetup time.

srs0 and thepiguy[edit]

Srs0 and thepiguy had spent the morning on a walking tour of London. They had seen a bunch of the sights, such as Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square (and the AWESOME Canadian embassy nearby), Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings, and Westminster Abbey. The tour finished at around 14:30, and so they quickly headed to Westminster Tube Station, heading towards King's Cross St. Pancras. Upon arriving, they headed upstairs and got a train to Flitwick. There was a moment's confusion on the train platform, due to not being sure which train went to Flitwick, but srs0 asked a bystander and then they were on their way.

The train ride itself was uneventful, and they reached Flitwich at approximately 15:45, where they waited for Benjw, who showed up at approximately 16:15.


Benjw, srs0, and thepiguy[edit]

Srs0 and thepiguy got in Benjw's car, and they headed a few km down the road. Soon enough they were in the vicinity of the hashpoint, and thepiguy exclaimed "oh yeah, 4km doesn't take long in a car!" They parked, and crossed the street, hoping to get to the geohash by the path marked on google maps. They found the path, but srs0 (at least) would never have considered it to be a public walkway! Thankfully, there was a sign proclaiming that it was so, and as such the three continued down the path until their gps' pointed perpendicular.

The three grew worried, for a very short distance from the walking path was a barbed wire fence. However, after walking through the foliage, it turned out that the hashpoint was around a foot away from the fence, on the public walkway's side! Fantastic! They quickly took some pictures, got back in the car, and headed back to the train station, all the while proclaiming how easy the expedition compared to normal. Thepiguy and srs0 departed, back to London, while Benjw headed home.