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Sun 6 Sep 2009 in 51,14:
51.8835241, 14.8030964

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I set out from Berlin sometime in the monring/afternoon. After a quick stop in Frankfurt (the Oder one) I was on my way to Guben.

A short bike ride later I arrived at the German/Polish border. By which I mean a bridge. There wasn't even a sign! If I hadn't had my GPS out, I might not have even realized I left the country! (You have to understand that, where thepiguy comes from, crossing the border involves a passport, waiting in line for an hour, a short question period and possible getting your car searched if you don't do well enough during the question period.)

Once in Poland I proceeded to follow my GPS along the highway, receiving stranger and stranger looks from passing motorists. When I neared the hash, I followed my usual plan of waiting until the arrow pointed 90 degrees to the road and then hiking into the bush. Unfortunately, what I failed to realieze was that this put me on the wrong side of a small stream. After 30 minutes of hiking into the bush and fending off gigantic polish spiders I came to a split in the stream and realized my mistake. Not ready to trade my kingdom for a boat quite yet, I headed back to the road to check out the other side of the stream.

At first I saw a fence. Drat! But wait, the fence separated the adjacent field from the river, but the fence was located several feet from the waters edge. Just enough room for a Geohasher to sneak by. The small path led to a small field which led to a small forest, which led to another field. Fortunately for me, the last field also contained a Geohash.