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All locations: .9588002, .8889434
Globalhash: 82.584039529107, 140.0196356463 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Corowa, Australia fi, Kieran A pretty simple hash for us, the point was on the football oval in Jindera,...
Auckland, New Zealand TunezNZ East Tamaki War Memorial park sports field
Melbourne, Australia Felix Dance Short Version I woke up at the stately time of 10am and found myself camp...
Nogales, Arizona Wyle & RoadRunner Fun geohash. RoadRunner and I stood in the desert sipping our wine and wat...
Athens, Georgia NWoodruff Somewhere
München, Germany Tomcat Todays hashpoint was in a forest 4.5km north of Kelheim. Fortunately in the...
Strasbourg, France Koepfel In a field near Schoenenbourg.
Pforzheim, Germany Koepfel In a forest near Mühlacker.
Bamberg, Germany Juja, manu's parents, Manu Manu and Reinhard were driven to Munich airport by Manu's parents and had t...
Nordhausen, Germany his family, pari The hash is located in the west of the Huy mountain range, near the village...

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