2009-07-29 28 -81

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Wed 29 Jul 2009 in Orlando Area:
28.5804344, -81.1123241

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A bit east of Orlando, in a nice place called Bithlo. More specifically, a couple feet into a retention pond behind some dude's house.




After a quick 5 minutes of preparation and another 10 minutes of begging my brother to let me use his bike, I flew out the door (Forgetting to close it the first time, making me have to rush back and close it before the dog got out). After an uneventful 20 minutes flying through a bad neighbourhood at breakneck pace, I turned onto the street off of which I'd find the hashpoint some 200 meters further. Suddenly, as I was slowing down to take pictures, I realized I had no camera to take pictures with. I'd just biked 10 miles for nothing.

Still determined to make it, I locked my brother's bike up on a lamp post and walked the rest of the way to the hashpoint (I'm sure I made it within 5 feet (I was sure it was the right place, the right address on the house behind ), not quite sure of the exact location due to my lack of a GPS I just walked around on the bank of the retention pond (A nice perfect rectangle of green, lifeless water).

The way back was uneventful, but took a bit longer because the wind was blowing in my face, slowing me down. I made it home, tired as ever and immediately downed 5 or 6 glasses of water (Never again will I forget to bring a water bottle (Or a camera ;_;)). Then I proceeded to write a report, but was foiled when the wiki went down for a while. I later returned and am now finishing up.

As I said earlier, I forgot my camera. Now too late to try again because my brother refuses to let me use his bike to go back, I have no way of returning. So no proof. Sigh.