2009-07-22 43 -79

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Wed 22 Jul 2009 in Toronto:
43.7824012, -79.4793208

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Today's point is just inside the city limits for Toronto, near the corner of Alness St. and Magnetic Dr., just east of York University.


Splitdipless and his Very Understanding Girlfriend[edit]

It was dark when I dropped my brother off, but I still wanted to attempt a really easy hash. I called up my Very Understanding Girlfriend, and picked her up soon after. We zipped out to the location fairly quickly in 'Em'.

I really liked the fact that the intersection included a street called Magnetic Dr. Being an electrical engineering graduate really made this cool. I couldn't help but get a picture of it before we found the real point.

Finding the real point required me to re-calibrate my GPS compass. I'm sure my Very Understanding Girlfriend wanted to take a video of me spinning about on the spot, but luckily, evidence of such an action does not exist.

The point was easily walked to and we commenced taking a few picture to commemorate the occation where I finally dragged her off to a hash. I earned a drag-along for introducing her, a consecutive for getting one yesterday and she earned a land achievement.