2009-07-19 42 -71

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Sun 19 Jul 2009 in 42,-71:
42.4147334, -71.1256176

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67 North St Medford, MA 02155 looks to be in a parking lot near a rail overpass. It's one of the close ones being in Medford.


  • Liryon: I'll be there ~4:00pm with Sparkyb and hopefully some of you!
  • Phyzome: I'll be there! And I'm dragging my girlfriend along. (At 16:00, though may be a little early or late.)



Success! My girlfriend and I reached the point by bike at 15:55, just in time. I still don't have working GPS, so I had to rely on a screenshot of Google Maps on my camera. Luckily, the marker pointed directly at a white blob, which I discovered was an ornamental concrete sphere at the end of a fence. A few minutes later, Sparkyb and then Liryon cycled up. This was my third hash in the Boston grat, and the second where I've met someone I didn't drag along!

Phyzome earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -71) geohash on 2009-07-19.
Phyzome earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Sparkyb and Liryon at the (42, -71) geohash on 2009-07-19.
Proof 2009-07-19 42,-71 group.jpg