2009-07-12 33 -96

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Sun 12 Jul 2009 in McKinney:
33.1025873, -96.6765493

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This hashpoint in 33,-96 fell right behind an Exxon and Burger King right of US75 at McDermott Road in Allen, TX, a northern suburb of Dallas.


weltfunk - flew in from LV


After I booked my trip to Dallas I looked to see if there were any good hashpoints. As it turns out, there were two just asking for a multihash the day I showed up! After landing in the afternoon I picked up my car and headed north to the first hashpoint. It's a good thing the AC in the car worked well - the humidity was outrageous! I'll take the dry desert heat any day!

The route was pretty straightforward, and as it turns out, the hashpoint itself was in the middle of the road. I turned onto Belmont St. and drove right through it while looking for a parking space. I walked over to the HP and took a few photos - nothing really stupendous about suburbia.

I was way too tired by this point to drive an hour and a half to the second hashpoint, so I headed back to my hotel. About halfway back I had to drive through the High 5. It so much prettier than the ones in Phoenix, and crazy complicated. Apparently one of the guys doing metalwork for the theatre also did the neat red stars on the columns - small world!

As it turns out, my route back took me right past the theatre I'm working in. I stopped to take a picture, but my stomach had other plans for me. A nice drive, even though the weather was miserable.



weltfunk earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (33, -96) geohash on 2009-07-12 at 15 mph.
2009-07-12 33 -96 Photo6.JPG