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Tue 7 Jul 2009 in Strasbourg:
48.0082731, 7.9432874

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The hashpoint was located in Germany, in the Black Forest village of Attental a few kilometers outside Freiburg.



This was my second geohashing expedition. On the map, the hashpoint was conveniently located just beside a crossing of forest paths in the Black Forest above Attental. Attental is punny because it only takes a little black 't'-bar to turn it into "Attentat" (assassination). Attental is also conveniently located just a few kilometres east of Freiburg.

When I started at six o'clock in the evening, a slight drizzle was trying to make me not wet but damp. It followed me to Ebnet, the easternmost part of Freiburg, where I put on my rain trousers in front of the catholic church of St. Hilarius. I took them off again for being too sweaty when I had found the intersection where the Attental began. The road started flat, and the slope increased ever so slightly until I found myself in first gear. At the end of the paved road, I looked at my N800 with Maemo Maps and found out that I had taken a wrong turn, but at least I got to see a picturesque wooden Black Forest house.

Further on my way, I passed the perfect location for a cosmetic surgery clinic far away from everything, and yes, there was a cosmetic surgery clinic. A quick take-away facelift later, I finally reached the beginning of the dirt road. From there, the dirt road intersection was easy to find (except for the height difference). The intersecting dirt road was called "Schlangenkapellweg", so there was supposed to be a snake chapel nearby, without doubt for the darkest of rituals, but I decided to focus (focus!) on the task at hand.

The hashpoint was supposed to be located a few metres beside the dirt road. I climbed over an electric fence (dumdideldum) and found the coordinates (I had remembered to write down the babylonian coordinates, not only the decimals like last time) on the GPS. Nice spot, actually, a grassy slope from which I could see the opposite hilltop. It was just about seven o'clock.

In many computer games, there are invisible spots which, if you reach them, cause monsters to be spawned. In my case, only the sun came out. Nice. There were beehives nearby, so technically, there would have been something to spawn, but I suppose I'm just lucky sometimes.

On the way back, I got ample opportunity to convert potential into kinetic energy, and the Attental road sees little traffic. While it may seem silly to go geohashing if the probability of meeting someone is close to zero, I still enjoyed the little evening sports event.