2009-07-02 53 -1

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Thu 2 Jul 2009 in 53,-1:
53.9368706, -1.1279524

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In what looked to be a carpark in southwest York.



Started out late in the evening, after equipping ourselves with the necessary buffs, fingerless (+1 in awesomeness) gloves, industrial strength head torches, fancy pants (for Laser Dragon) and snacks for the journey. Who knows what troubles could have befallen us in our 40 minute bike ride across the city.

Made it most of the way there with no trouble, across scrub land. Got confused by twisting back streets and alleys in the dark, and the GPS wanting to go everywhere and nowhere at once. We eventually made it within 50m of the destination. This seemed to be behind a row of houses, but eventually found our way to a big locked school gate. Well, after scouting round the houses and the playground looking for a way in, we first decided to leave the poster on the school gates within 30m of the hash point. But after much whispered arguing and cajoling, it was decided that scruffy bumblebee as both the lighter person and a rock-climber (and yes, braver) should scale the big spiky fence. There was no one there, and we weren't going to do any harm. And maybe we could get some kids interested in Geohashing when they found the note, or create some interesting questions for bemused teachers!

After scaling the gate, Scruffy Bumblebee realised that there were in fact cameras on the grounds. And the GPS wasn't playing nice. After some tense minutes of ninja style creeping (thanks +1 gloves!), the hashpoint was eventually found by a tree in the playground. Then to hop the fence, and race back home. Success!