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Sat 27 Jun 2009 in 52,8:
52.0192602, 8.5136594

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Arvid learnt a week earlier that cycling up hills is still not something he's very skilled at. So he wanted to go to the Teutoburger woods, that stretches from about Ibbenbüren to the east. A hash between Osnabrück and Bielefeld would be good. This hash, just southwest of Bielefeld was very good. I've been on the road next to it on my previous Bielefeld hash, only 30m next to the hashpoint. I'm not all too sure whether the point is accessible, but only one way to find out!

Plan: Leave around 10:00, take the flat route to Bielefeld(125km), and take some hills and detours on the way back. I even found someone mad enough to go with me again(but it's the same guy for the third time).



Tracklog by bicycle

We agreed to start at a park that's on both our ways anyway at 10:00. At 9:something he told me(Arvid) was going to be about 5 minutes late. Well, me too. So I was at the park entrance at 10:05. I was just about to check irc on my mobile phone when he showed up at 10:20. We were off.

Everything went fairly well, and at 15:30 we arrived at the pond near the hashpoint. I didn't know we had such a convenient spot nearby. The whole route was fairly flat, except for the last bit. My friend noticed that the brake of his right front wheel was very hot. And that he had two broken spokes on that wheel. I took some pictures and had something to eat. My friend found out he had no spare spokes with him. Well, he claimed to have a 36 spoke wheel, so that sounded a bit overdimensionated to me anyway. My wheels only have 32 spokes per wheel. So he had still two more.

At 15:40 I decided to check out whether I could get to the hash, leaving my friend with his bike. I thought I remembered something like a driveway. But it were stairs! Even better. I went up the stairs, going completely the wrong way, but hey, when the stairs ended I could go sharp to the right. There was something like a track, and that went right to the hash. When I came to the point itself it appeared to be at a bigger open spot between the trees, and there were leftovers of something like a campfire. The reception of the GPS wasn't that brilliant though, because of the trees. And apparently there wasn't a lot of light either, because quite a couple of pictures are completely gone wrong. When I went back to the road I took a picture of the GPS date and time.

And then a picture of my friend still fiddling with his bike. We had some more to eat and drink and at 16:15 we left. For the hard way back. Or at least a harder way. We took some extra hills, and tried to get to the highest point of the Teutoburger woods, or at least this part of it. But we couldn't reach the target because it was a military area. And we found out it wasn't the highest spot anyway, that was 600m further. The one we were was around 320m, the other 330m above sealevel. It is doubtful the other point is reachable with a roadbike.

We got some steeper climbs, but they were never very long. We did stop a bit more often also. And I lost my friend once after we missed a turn. We were going uphill, and he thought we missed a turn earlier. So he turned around and missed me while going down again. We met up again at a next crossing.

Going down from Tecklenburg I told my friend he should be able to get to >100km/h. On an earlier occasion I did 80.0km/h there. Now I went 81.7km/h. He managed to get his chain off in that descent so he couldn't pedal, and "only" got to 93km/h. Better luck next time.

From 21:45 till 22:20 we stayed in Riesenbeck to eat a Gyros sandwich, and we both arrived home around 00:20.