2009-06-27 42 -72

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2009 06 27 42 -72 no tres sign.jpg

Sat 27 Jun 2009 in 42,-72:
42.0192602, -72.5136594

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Just outside the fence of the prison in Enfield, CT, about 10 or 20 m from the road.


Sara, who is disappointed to have missed out on the Walk Geohash ribbon and on completing an expedition in the CT part of the Springfield MA graticule, but excited about the Police Geohash ribbon.


When I left the house I was planning to make it to the actual hash point, even though it was on prison grounds. I was honestly thinking "They won't mind because it's outside the fence." I chickened out when I got there, though. I'll take a "No Tresspassing Consolation Prize".


My husband and extended family agreed to watch the kids while I went on a 17.5 km (round trip) walk, but they thought I was crazy. Sure, you deserve a chance to get away from the kids for a while and get outside and get some exercise, but why do you need to walk to a prison?

I have driven along this route often, but when I walked it of course I noticed a lot of things I hadn't noticed before. The weather was nice.

There was a red, white, and blue sign on one of the prison buildings which I thought said "CT Dept. of Corrections, Housing America's Heroes" but I realized it must have said "Honoring America's Heroes"

Although I had been planning to trespass, I got a little nervous as I approached and saw the actual prison and realized that with prison buildings on both sides of the road and with "no stopping" signs along the road, I was very likely being watched the entire time I was anywhere near the prison.

I took some pictures of the prison without incident. Then I took a picture of the prison from in front of the plaque across the street, which is above the level of the road, so everyone standing outside the prison visiting area could see me take the picture, a corrections officer drove down from the prison building in a truck and told me that although the Shaker plaque was a historic site, taking pictures of prison property wasn't allowed. I apologized and said thank you and turned off my camera and put it back in its bag. He didn't ask me to delete the pictures I had already taken, so I didn't. However, I'm not including photos of the prison here in order to make sure not to get the wiki in trouble.

Sara earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (42, -72) geohash on 2009-06-27.
2009 06 27 42 -72 no tres sign.jpg
Sara earned the Police Geohash Achievement
by meeting a corrections officer while attempting the (42, -72) geohash on 2009-06-27.