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Mon 15 Jun 2009 in Mannheim:
49.3639384, 8.6272194

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The coordinates are in a field in Neurott, a small (60 inhabitants) rural community founded in 1937 as one of the first agricultural settlements in Baden-Württemberg. Trivia: Neurott lacked a proper wastewater treatment system (since it is cut off from the main sewer network) until Germany's first membrane wastewater treatment plant was installed here in 2005.

Neurott is located about 7 km from central Heidelberg. It's within a stone's throw of Patrick Henry Village.


A great opportunity to get another Walk Geohash for my collection!

Preliminary visit on 2009-06-14[edit]

A popular cycling route is as close as 300 m to the hashpoint, so I've already been near the coordinates a couple of times. The weather on Sunday was great, so I cycled to Neurott and checked whether the coordinates would be accessible on Monday (they are - I'll be able to walk between the lines of potato plants).

2009-06-15 49 8 neurottpano.jpg

Expedition on 2009-06-15[edit]

After a hot and sunny weekend the weather forecast predicted rain and thunderstorms, so I was surprised to see a bright blue sky when I woke up at around 6:00. I rushed to have breakfast and get ready for the expedition to take advantage of the good weather. The run wasn't spectacular, but fun anyway.