2009-05-27 48 8

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Wed 27 May 2009 in Pforzheim, Germany:
48.5941675, 8.8931014

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In a Streuobstwiese (meadow orchard) at Herrenberg.

Expedition by Ekorren[edit]

This was rather close - 20 km by bike on the shortest way, and only harmless slopes. Great weather, neither heat nor rain, so there was really no excuse not to go.

I started around noon, went along the standard trail to Pfäffingen. There was no reason to take the fastest way, so I chose one through some hills between the common trails, crossing a small airfield, hitting the one or another wrong turn, and finally approaching the hash along a track called Grassy way.

At the side where I approached from, some properties were fenced, then a dense row of bushes blocked access. I half-circled the place, and found that from the other side, there was even a tractor trail leading until only a few metres from the hash, which itself was located between apple trees in high grass. There wasn't much of a view at site, as it was between some hills, not much to tell about the area either, and no reason to go into Herrenberg town this time, so - no impressions from Herrenberg section in the gallery this time.

Now I could just go back home through the Ammer valley, or take a more scenic route with a few additional slopes through the Schönbuch forest. I chose the latter, passed the old village of Mönchberg and went up for the mountainridge, following it to a castle ruins which I had never visitited before. That there was the final of a maximum difficulty mystery geocache conveniently located along that way, surely helped for that decision ;-). On some sign, it was labelled as former ruins of Müneck castle - which somehow got it right, because there wasn't a single stone left of the castle, just a number of moats in the forest. Oh, and a really great view down into the valley.

I also came very near to 2009-03-08 48 8 and took the track where I finally had given up that time... anyway, I hadn't even noted the old coordinates so there was no temptation to try and find out whether those would be accessible now. Instead, I did another small detour to visit an old royal hunting lodge. It didn't really look that royal, anyway. And finally passed Bebenhausen and went home.