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Wed 13 May 2009 in Mannheim:
49.2956643, 8.4288156

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Expedition total: 6 hours, cycled 61 km

I went to the hashpoint mainly because of the promising location: It was less than 70 m from the place where Friedrich Magnus Schwerd (German Wikipedia) introduced a method of triangulation in 1822 that became the world standard until it was superseded by GPS. This was going to be the last expedition with my old and rusty bike, and to my surprise it did not fall apart (only the chain fell off about 20 times).

I lost orientation on my way to Schwetzingen and took a route a few km longer than planned. It led me through asparagus fields and many farms that sold it freshly cut. Despite slight detours, Speyer was easy to find. Soon I arrived at the Kleine Speyerer Basis.

The hashpoint was just behind a dike, somewhere in fields of stinging nettles and swarms of gnats. I left a hashtag at a tree and collected some trash on my way back to the Basis. After I had lunch (oat flakes, grape juice) I cycled back home, visiting Speyer and taking a slightly different way back to Heidelberg.

Amidst brambles and stinging nettles: Panorama of the hashpoint area