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Fri 8 May 2009 in 67,19:
67.8793001, 19.3943647

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The hashpoint was on a mountain, about halfway between Akkar and Pirttivuopio, 1.5 km north of the road.

the ru[edit]

I started out around 4 PM, drove towards Nikkaluokta. I parked 1.8 km from the hashpoint, a little bit to the east, next to a "rengärde" (a fenced-in area where they gather reindeer for marking and slaughter).

Google showed at least 200 m elevation difference, so it was a steep climb. There were a couple of low hills before I reached the actual mountain. After a kilometer I was above the treeline and reached a plateau I could follow to the hash.

The snow was mostly gone but not entirely (more at the higher altitudes). The hashpoint was still snow-covered.

After I had been to the hashpoint, I went east along the mountain. At the top, I changed into dry clothes, ate and drank to regain energy, then begun the descent.

I was home again by 8 PM, the expedition had taken much less time than I had expected (!?).


The area had many rather... bizarre trees. They looked like they had snapped at a young age, but kept growing and curled around themselves. They were just below the treeline, so I guess they were stretching the altitude at which pinetrees normally can survive.