2009-04-22 50 7

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Wed 22 Apr 2009 in Bonn:
50.5132177, 7.8289874

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The spot is located near Ötzingen/Helferskirchen and was easy reachable by feet. I had to cruise about 8km, would be a shame if i missed that hash ;)

Expedition by Lavataucher[edit]

This time i visited the spot on my own - i wasn't able to convince anyone to come with me. Shame on them, the weather was beautiful, the meadows were green and there were a lot of cows :D I left my car at Helferskirchen and decided to have a nice walk to the hash. It first seemed that the spot would be unreachable (lots of cows, fences everywhere), but as i approached the coordinates the hash turned out to be an open meadow with knee-deep grass. I sat down for a couple of minutes to enjoy the nice view and the fresh air, then went back and drove home.