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Tue 7 Apr 2009 in 48,11:
48.1893999, 11.3931084

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In a field near Gröbenzell, just roughly 100 m next to the railway line from Munich to Augsburg. Zb was too lazy to really go there but couldn't resist to shoot some drive-by pictures from the train.

This does not count as a success, of course.

The Expedition[edit]

The Expedition doesn't deserve its name, because no one really went ex pedis (or whatever the real Latin words are).


Since it was this close to where I happened to be going on the train anyway, I couldn't resist to take these pictures. They clearly show some landmarks that give a fairly precise hint on what the surroundings of today's spot look like and make identification of the spot possible.

The reflection of my bike helmet in the train's window must suffice as a proof, I don't claim to have made any success anyway.

On the satellite photo, the spot looks like it's fenced off anyway and there are cows or horses within the fence. So this was definitely the safe method to do it.