2009-04-06 57 -5

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Mon 6 Apr 2009 in 57,-5:
57.5244461, -5.6092461

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Near Torridon Bay



feedback decided to take a drive out to this hashpoint as it was one of very few reachable points in this area.


Setting off in the early afternoon from the small village of Kinlochewe, feedback drove 15.1 miles to the closest point by road. Eventually, after finding a flat solid section of verge to park on, the walking began. All 400 meters of it. However the ground in this graticule is generally very rough, covered in mud and bogs with rocks strewn everywhere and mounds of Heather where there isn't Bracken. Luckily preparation had been made for this; time to get the Wellies out of the car boot, it was too wet recently for standard walking boots. There was a mild up hill walk and several bogs and streams were avoided making the trip a little longer than a flat 400 meters.

Altogether a very easy hashpoint to reach considering the area and an enjoyable experience as ever. There was a nice view down in to the Torridon bay, and across to the other side, on the way back with a clear sky to finish the expedition off.