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Lol-asg.png 29 / m / 57,-5

Hi, I'm Sandy Macdonald. I can be found in many locations throughout the UK, only in part due to the lack of a working GPS.

About Me[edit]

I am currently living in Cheltenham, north of Bristol, and it's all a bit too flat for me down here. I can normally be found in Edinburgh or near Ullapool where the mountains make for an interesting definition of a light stroll, but the scenery makes it worth it.

I have Geohashed with some Edinburgh, United Kingdom Geohashers and I am the only known member of the Ullapool, United Kingdom Geohashers. If anyone is interested in taking some expeditions then feel free to message me and I will try to make it.

My Active Graticules[edit]

The far North-West of Scotland, in the Ullapool graticule.

South-East Scotland, in the Edinburgh graticule.

South-West England, in the Bristol graticule.

Plus any close by or surrounding those listed above.

My Geohashes[edit]