2009-03-17 -36 174

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Tue 17 Mar 2009 in -36,174:
-36.9794568, 174.9238954

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Tunez spotted the hash and had 90 min's to burn before and appointment so he went a-hashing.


Inside a corn field near my old house, I still have access to the adjacent land as we graze stock there. I decided to take a longer but more hidden route that took me along a tree line and, well, up, down and everywhere. It took 1350m according to a Google earth measure but due to the ups and downs I would imagine it was a lot longer than that, at least it felt longer. It took 30 mins to get in and another 20 to get out and be on my way.

Nothing that interesting, just a lot of corn and soft dirt. The farm used to host an ostrich breeding and hatching farm; consequently I found a few broken ostrich eggs, I MEAN OBVIOUSLY HATCHED RAPTOR EGGS! (They were 2mm thick.) But it was a nice walk.