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Wed 11 Mar 2009 in 49,12:
49.0756037, 12.1407393

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In a field at Hölzlhof, a barnyard in a rural setting north of the Haslbach industrial area, a few kilometers northeast of Regensburg.

dawidi with Tomcat[edit]

I left the office around not too long before sunset, around 17:50, and cycled north through Regensburg's northeastern business and residential districts. After leaving Wutzlhofen, I followed the cycle route to Falkenstein for a bit until I arrived at Gonnersdorf. From there to the hash, it was merely one kilometer on a bumpy road connecting three barnyards with the rest of the world.

In the last light of the day at 18:30, I arrived at the field. There was light in one of the windows of a small, white house that I had missed on the satellite imagery. The house reminded me of the description of Arthur Dent's house, in that it more or less failed to please the eye. I took a few pictures from a point north of the house, then went back down and took pictures from a path on the other side of the field.

At 18:50, Tomcat emerged from the darkness, on foot, as he had left his car some way back at a railway crossing. I was unsure about walking onto the field, but ultimately we did it. We couldn't agree on whether the bad smell around us was caused by the cabbage leaves or if it was that the field had been manured recently, but either way we decided not to stay there for long, and got going again. We split up at the way to the railway crossing, and I cycled home without notable events except seeing a full moon rising over the Rhine-Main-Danube canal.