2009-02-26 30 -87

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Thu 26 Feb 2009 in 30,-87:
30.6733443, -87.8524316

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Appears to be easy adventure, by vacant lot on frontage road of busy urban highway

Left this message here with my phone number about 1500 today


First known non-birthday expedition in the Pensacola, FL graticule - done solo.

Arrived 1909 CST - 39 minutes late - time enroute 59 minutes

  • Delayed - attention diverted by shiny objects at Crestview
  • Too bad northwest FL and AL are both in same time zone
    • Otherwise could have arrived before I left Crestview

No worries enroute or during navigation to specified point via satellite imagery

  • Few meters off clearly defined city street
  • Encountered some very light rain enroute

Alas the location occupied only by relatively heavy passing traffic

  • No evidence seen to indicate any geohasher had been here today

Needed logistics run to do photodocumentation

  • Viable AA battery supply had reached zero balance
  • Navigation gear was required only for documentation and now running on potato wagon power
  • Contrived xkcd sign and posted on nearby real-estate sign as notice to other hashers
  • Trekked to Dollar Tree (tm) store in shopping center a mile or so south to resupply AAs
  • On return I made a low pass in burner - blew through the point at speed limit 45 MPH
  • Then back around for full stop about 12 meters north to complete documentation using newly acquired AAs.

Mission successfully concluded without casualty or further incident



User:Bos earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (30, -87) graticule, here, on 2009-02-26.