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Wed 18 Feb 2009 in Nürnberg, Germany:
49.0069813, 11.9305498

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Near the south-eastern edge of the graticule. On a boundary ridge in a snowy field near Thumhausen, above the Laber valley, between Eilsbrunn and Eichhofen.

Tomcat, Hans and dawidi[edit]

Dawidi: After ending my work at the office rather early and going home while it was actually light out (!), I crossed the Danube by bike, parked it in Riegling, and was picked up by Hans and Tomcat in their car at 18:15.

The drive to Thumhausen was straightforward and quite short. Since the way leading to the hash from the south looked rather much like private property, we found a place to park the car just outside the village about 250m to the west and walked across the snowy fields from there. The last light of the day was just fading in the west.

We did not encounter any other people or animals on the way to the coordinates. As always with field hashes, the final approach consisted of blindly walking in the footsteps of the guy in front of you, and him blindly walking in a nearly straight line lead by his GPS. For once, both our GPSes agreed immediately on the exact spot, and we started taking pictures.

I produced three small keychain LED lights from my pocket and handed them out, and we stood in front of my camera with them, doing long exposures remotely inspired by Lightmark. I didn't really have a plan what we would draw with the lights, but Tomcat attempted to write his username in the first photo and we focused on that theme. It turned out Tomcat is pretty good at writing his name, mirrored, above his head and even with proper casing, while Hans failed to turn off the light between letters, and I misjudged the distances to put between the letters in my abstracted rendering of widi. We shall practise that more at a hash where our fingers don't start hurting from the cold after just the fourth attempt ;-)