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Sat 14 Feb 2009 in Rosenheim:
47.8253397, 12.1710255

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South of Niedermoosen, at the end of the road, in the middle of the forest.

Link to the location



Tried to reach the GH at 16:00 as today is meeting time. On my way to the GH, I gathered another couple of points, 4 GeoGolf holes, 1 GeoDash Point and 1 GeoVexillum. Please refer to www.gpsgames.org for more information! But I completely mixed up the times and ways too early (14:30). But I do not expect another Hasher today anyway. There is a legal road to reach the GH from the north, a one lane road, covered with snow today and funny to drive. 77m away from the GH the road was not cleaned from deep snow anymore, as here is the last house. Put the 4x4 into a pile of snow and approached the Point. Found it between young firs in the bushes. As the snow fall started to get heavier again, I didn't spent a lot of time here, but liked the place very much! Thank you for taking me out.