2009-02-14 33 -84

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Sat 14 Feb 2009 in Atlanta:
33.8253397, -84.1710255

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These coordinates were almost the Stone Mountain hash we've been waiting for, but not quite. It was across Stone Mountain Freeway, in some woods behind some houses. We went for another 4:00 meetup.


Nick on the log.
We left for the hash a little after 3:00 and parked at the end of a dead end road by 3:50. We had ten minutes. Unfortunately we were both wearing our good shoes, and the hike was a bit muddy and damp. But nonetheless we hiked about a quarter mile and reached the hash a few minutes late. But close enough, right? Nick declared a tree to be the point. We did find a nice little creek and get to cross it on a fallen log, and a pond 100 feet from the hashpoint. There was even a small boat nearby...but no water geohash this time. Anywho, enjoy the pictures.



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